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St. Paul Tree Service consistently has excellent reviews on their ‘tree trimming’ services. We know exactly how to trim any kind of tree as well as give the most courteous and knowledgeable customer service in our area.

Our experts should always be consulted before you start any trimming to ensure the natural beauty and stability is maintained. More importantly, hundreds of people are injured each year as a result of trimming their own trees, as it is a dangerous business.

the trimming process requires skill and expertise and should be left to the professional trimmers who are licensed and insured to protect both you and your property, as we are at St. Paul Tree Service. Improper rimming can also lead to disease and bug infestation.

Proper trimming restores the natural beauty to your trees while encouraging proper growth and ideal health. Call our trimming company with the knowledge, training, experience, and reputation that exceeds expectations.

Improper trimming or shrub trimming is the most common cause of damage. All of our trimming is done according to ISA standard protocols for directional growth trimming.

There are actual fines when caught doing this. There may be trees on your street that have been victims of such practices.

There are other practices that are damaging to trees that we encounter regularly as well. Beware of untrained workers leave that to our trained and insured professionals!

Trees are valuable if properly cared for. If trees are not properly cared for, they become a liability.

The advantages of a professional trimming or professional is truly more than just cosmetic. The increased cleaning allows more air to circulate around your roof and house. This reduces mold and mildew accumulation around your roof, flashing and the sides of your house.

The stains that you have on your house are typical among houses that are close to oaks. A trim or shrub trim will help with that problem. Because we remove any unproductive interior growth, there is much less leafs and sticks to shed and fall on the ground better air circulation, less wind resistance and more attractive for a longer length of time, call us for all your tree trimming needs.

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